Sunday, December 02, 2007

astGUIclient VICIDIAL Release 2.0.4

We've finished our latest project release: astguiclient_2.0.4

For this release we have added several new functions, streamlined how several processes work and of course we have fixed many bugs.

Among the changes are:

  • Easy control over System Statuses, including the addition of Status Categories
  • Several new additional In-Group features including music-on-hold, alert messages and call times
  • Skills based ranking and call routing for inbound and outbound
  • Agent call routing based on the number of calls taken today per in-group or campaign
  • Added the ability to copy the settings of an existing User/Campaign/In-Group into a new one
  • Changing the Transfer feature in the agent screen to allow for more transfer In-Group choices
  • Dynamic display of available campaigns for an agent in the agent login screen
  • Many other changes and bug fixes listed in the TODO Wiki webpage:

    Wiki TODO:2.0.4

We have also released an update to the VICIDIAL Agent manual and the VICIDIAL Manager manual.

Enjoy the new release and as always let us know what you think.