Friday, June 30, 2006

VICIDIAL Manager Manual Released

after 4 months I have finished the VICIDIAL Manager Manual. It is available for download at:

The manager manual is targeted at Call Center managers and Administrators, and it goes over all administrative web page functions needed to run VICIDIAL. There are also several tutorials on setting up different types of campaigns.

The full color Hi-Res version download is 77 pages and includes free updates for one year.

A free sample is also available that has the first 2 chapters and the first 2 tutorials.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

astGUIclient VICIDIAL Release 1.1.12

We've finished our latest project release: astguiclient_1.1.12

In this release we've fixed some major security holes, added several new features and fixed a lot of bugs as usual.

Among the changes are:

  • Security enhancements of PHP scripts to reduce SQL-injection and other threats
  • Completely redesigned local call time system in VICIDIAL for more flexibility
  • Added Drop-call and safe-harbor options to campaigns and inbound groups
  • Added option for allowing wrapup time between calls in vicidial.php
  • Multi-language translation rewritten for more flexibility and easy of use
  • Added more user-permission options/restrictions for both agents and admins
  • Added option of using app_conference instead of meetme engine
  • Added internal DNC list for Do-Not-Call entries across the system
  • Added automatic lead recycling to call back Busy calls at definable intervals
  • Added listID override and timezone lookup to all lead importing scripts
  • Added easy-prompt-recording AGI and playback: agi-record_prompts.agi
  • Many other changes and bug fixes listed in the TODO.txt file

A detailed record of all that has changed is available in the 1.1.12 TODO.txt file

We have also released an update to the VICIDIAL agent manual and are over half done with the Manager manual. Look for that later this summer.

Enjoy the new release and as always let me know what you think.