Thursday, January 19, 2006

astGUIclient VICIDIAL Release 1.1.9

We've finished our latest project release: astguiclient_1.1.9

In this release we've finalized many compatibility and security issues, and fixed lots of small bugs as well as adding several new features to both vicidial and astguiclient.

Among the changes are:
  • Added Load Balancing of Inbound and Outbound calls across multiple Asterisk servers in the same setup
  • Removed all PHP globals requirements, can now use register_globals=Off in PHP
  • Add fully translated Greek admin and agc scripts(agc images to come)
  • Added security elements to admin pages and added record deletion functions
  • Added a script tab to VICIDIAL to have a variable-populated agent script
  • Added new Super lead loader with field chooser and CVS/XLS-format capability
  • Added favorites panel to astguiclient.php that shows off/on hook

Here are some screenshots of a couple of new features:
- astguiclient with new favorites panel
- vicidial with new SCRIPTS panel
- vicidial main screen with a few new features

A detailed record of all that has changed is available in the TODO.txt file

Now that we have finished with this release we are going to take a few weeks off developing to write some documentation and finally move our offices. This would be a great time for those developers out there that have expressed interest to make your changes to the codebase while you are not working on a moving target.

I would also like to welcome BinFone Telecom as our Premiere Project Sponsor. They have helped us out in the past with some free IAX testing accounts and are now actively sponsoring the project which will allow us to pay for
some hosting for a live vicidial demo website(when I get some free time ha ha) and some prettier project literature when we go out to conferences.

Enjoy the new release and as always let me know what you think.