Monday, August 15, 2005

vicidial web-version alpha 0.0.22 release

We've fixed a couple bugs in the VICIDIAL web-client alpha and have
added some more features.

The vicidial web-app(alpha 0.0.22) only allows manual dialing(campaign
dial_level of 0) but has all other functions available now. We have
just added all of the 3-way calling functions and the buttons to go
with the transfer functions.

Inbound call receiving and predictive dialing still are not programmed yet.

Here's a screenshot:

Installation instructions:
- you must be running astGUIclient version 1.1.5
- first go to the experimental downloads section of the project site:
and download the following file:
- - (unzip on your web server and edit config
the dbconnect.php)