Friday, August 12, 2005

astGUIclient release 1.1.5

Time for another release of astGUIclient. This release has a lot of agc web-client bug fixes and enhancements as well as the most recent vicidial-web alpha. Another feature of this release is the ability to change server parameters from the web admin pages and the ability to limit the number of outgoing VICIDIAL auto-dialer calls per server.

Download from the project website:

Here is the expanded changelog:
1.1.5 - Eighteenth public release - 2005-08-12
- fixed new Local channel bugs caused by changes in Asterisk 1.0.8 and 1.0.9:
      -There is now a patch available to fix the Local channel issues on 8/9 it is in
      the experimental code section of the project code updates
- moved many server variables to the database, editable through astguiclient admin.php:
      - requires less effort to change variables
      - VDauto_dial now reloads vars every 25 seconds
- added ability to limit number of outbound trunks used by VICIDIAL auto dialer:
      - allows for better lead usage as a safeguard for overzealous room managers
- many small changes and bug fixes to the astguiclient web client:
      - removed HTTP authentication
      - added vicidial.php to same folder, unified some functions
      - fixed several bugs
- added alpha vicidial web-client (click-to-dial only):
      - full click-to-dial functionality except for 3-way-calling
      - channel validation and display
* if upgrading from 1.1.4 you need to:
- download the new version from the project website
- unzip the zip file into the /home/cron/astguiclient directory
- and either:
+ copy the web pages and all server apps to their proper locations manually
+ or run the script to put all items in their
default places
- VICIDIAL perl/TK client is unchanged from 1.1.4
- make sure you check the astguiclient admin.php server parameters
* if upgrading from 1.1.4 run the upgrade_1.1.5.sql script in MySQL
(\. /home/cron/astguiclient/upgrade_1.1.5.sql)


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